The Marfa Lights


You have seen them. In Ireland they’re call raths, lisses, duns, or forths. Fairy forts. Land formations resembling forts, often surrounded by a bank and a ditch. Some are quite large. Archaeologists, when they dig, discover artifacts leading them to declare these formations were sites of communities from the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, and Roman times. In other places these duns are small and formed by natural forces. I have found many while rambling across mountains on three continents. In the Colorado Rockies they seem to be evenly spaced, maybe a kilometer apart. It’s difficult for me to gauge distances on rugged land. I see these special places as boundary makers. They are created by natural forces, but each one has a unique design that seems to come from a conscious effort. If you’ve traveled New England back roads, you’ve seen fern glens around a spring pool where nymphs and dryads play. Man-made formations called mounds appear throughout the mid-western United States. They were built by an Iron Age culture that lived before American Indians.

Fairy Marker, West Slope of the Rockies, above Paonia

People often see mysterious lights in these places. The lights seem to move rapidly, sometimes zig zagging, sometimes in a straight line, then they vanish. Just what are these lights? If you are limited to three dimensions, then they are swamp gas, reflections, phosphorescence, or enemy aircraft that are coming to get us. We call them UFOs. That fits into our three-dimensional concept of existence – up to a point. They have form, they give off light, they make sounds. But, they move at speeds that confound scientists. They disappear and reappear. Some of us have seen the Marfa Lights. My first instinct was that they were car lights at a distance, or someone with a high power flashlight in a distant field. Then they move in ways no human could contrive. Four centuries ago they were attributed to witchcraft. As late as the 1930s West African tribes said they came from witches’ fire pots. In cultures where manifestations of another dimension were attributed to magic, these places are where the fairy folk live.

Men an Tol, Cornwall, England

The organizing idea here is that something long-lost is reappearing in the world of humankind. Ancient cultures operated on many dimensions. The scale got smaller during the Renaissance when science came into play. During the Industrial Era, our level of operations shrank to three dimensions. Einstein opened it back up to four, which enabled gentlemen to use their pocket watches to tell time. The modern world is based on a narrow band of perception. The fabulous inventions, the luxuries and comforts we enjoy – heated homes, lights that can be switched on, all manner of machinery – demand that we limit reality to four dimensions. That limitation gives us a false pride in our superiority over older cultures. That limitation creates mystery. We cannot fathom how ancient civilizations built pyramids, how they navigated treacherous seas on primitive boats. The things that we know cannot explain them. That limitation is destroying the Earth. We scoff at the magical imaginings of elves and fairies, and yet we still get goose bumps if we think we’ve seen a ghost or suspect a demon is lurking nearby. We raise our eyebrows at the idea of aliens coming to Earth to show humans how to do things, but so many people have seen UFOs that the government has seen fit to release information it has been gathering for decades. Sub-atomic particle physicists now have an algebra that accounts for eleven dimensions. Something is opening in human consciousness, and a war has begun.

Young Turks and The Old Guard

On one side, the Old Guard fights to maintain our limitations. On the other, a vast population struggles to break its chains and evolve into a higher level of consciousness.

Look for the lights, my friends. The fairy folk are breaking through,welcoming us to a higher dimension of being.

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